Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Breaking Down the Choice of Garcia over Feeley

Well folks, Andy Reid made it official. He's chosen Jeff Garcia as the starter. It was almost inevitable. In truth, it is the safe move. Everyone knew this was the reason the Eagles signed Garcia, a proven starting QB in the NFL. To have selected A.J. (my personal choice) would have pried open the lid to the proverbial can of worms (but not exactly spilled them out right away).

AR said as much "I brought Jeff in there for this situation, for this reason right here." We all knew that, even after they scooped up A.J. shortly before the start of the season. Admittedly, Garcia is the option that leaves AR with other options down the line. A.J. is the big gamble: could we recapture that 2002 magic and have lightning strike twice for the same team....Well, AR still has that wildcard in the hip pocket, and by starting Garcia, Reid keeps a certain amount of QB integrity on the team. Like I said, I prefer A.J. (based primarily on the lackluster response the team showed towards Garcia with the game against the Titans still up for grabs)....however, if Reid had bypassed Garcia (in effect, scuttling his own depth chart) there is NO WAY could legitimately go to Jeff (and expect the team to accept it) should A.J. fall flat.

He's got a veteran QB, who's lead playoff teams. It may not be the move I would've made, but I can understand why he did it. For all our sakes' I hope it works out.

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