Friday, November 17, 2006

Didinger Scooped Me, Well Not Really

Eagles HOF sportswriter Ray Didinger just wrote a good article on the benefits of Head Coach Andy Reid loosening the reins and letting Marty Mornhinweg call the plays for a while. It exactly the same sentiment a lot of us forum posters and bloggers took note of earlier in the week...Ray writes it with a sharper style and the insight you'd expect from such an experienced sportswriter, but I take some measure of comfort that I/we are identifying the same positive benefits for the team that the "gurus" do.

Specifically, I noted that I liked the change because I felt that it gave Andy Reid the space/time to coach the rest of the team. Ray echoes this, writing: "I’ve thought for quite awhile that Reid would be a better game day coach if he let one of his assistants do the play-calling and allowed himself to function as a true head coach. So much happens in the course of a game, and so many decisions have to be made quickly, that it helps if the head coach doesn’t have his face buried in a play chart."

Anyway, I noticed a few things that I would like to see continued in the games we have coming up against the Titans:
1) No wasted time outs
2) An early commitment to running that really helped set up the pass
3) Better special teams play (not sure if this attributable to Coach Reid having more time to focus on that, but I would like to think that an extra eye on those guys helped Harbaugh coax a decent game from them for the first time this season)
4) did I mention we didn't have to waste any time outs ('cept for the when the Refs F'd us)....

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