Friday, November 24, 2006

The Marty Factor

One of many questions I have when the Eagles march onto the field for Sunday Night Football in America is whether or not the reunion of Marty Mornhinweg and Jeff Garcia will lead to a rekindling of Garcia's once-stellar performance. You see, when Garcia was a scrambling, West-Coast offense slinging Pro-Bowler he just so happened to be a San Francisco 49er...and his best years just so happened to come with our resident offensive coordinator as his OC.

Ok so just to be clear, that guarantees NOTHING, but it is at least one minor reason for hope...One other thing...I hope that the Eagles coaches will finally realize that they must have BALANCE offensively for this team to have a chance as the season goes on. In 2002, Andy Reid understood this, and he had Duce Staley on whom to lean. It was our running game and staunch D that saved that season (we went 12-4). With 5 out, this team will either collapse altogether without its season-long crutch or remember how to play TEAM football. That means, BLOCKING, CATCHING and TACKLING, fellas!

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