Sunday, November 12, 2006

Field Goal Follies and Other Strange Things on This Rainy Sunday

I guess a little luck never hurts. The Eagles are doing ok against the Foreskins today. Came out gangbusters, scored quick, but then McNabb started short-hopping passes and the offense cooled. Lets see if they cash-in on good field position and score to start the second half.

They drove, got a questionable gift from the refs, but couldn't punch it in from the 2....look, fellas, I don't mind the play-fake on 2nd and goal, but the fake works A LOT better when you show a goal-line look...the Eagles had their regular package in and Skins responded with a pass-oriented defensive call...AUGH

Then we have the Field Goal follies....what the hell is going on? Scott Young reported as an eligible receiver in the jumbo package....and stayed on the field for the FG attempt...I guess that is against some arcane rule, because they called the Eagles for illegal formation...apparently once eligible is has to sit for a play....huh??


Our new corner, the DB formerly known as Will Peterson just smothered a guy on the slant...that is good. Punt dribbles out at the 2...and the Eagles are finally MAKING some plays on offense after cooling off for about 5 series in the first half....backed up and they drive...that is something we fans haven't gotten to enjoy for a while...and guess what...they ran out the 3rd qtr clock doing it....what a stunning development...well the drive stalled, but it was a great switch of field position...sometimes its not about scoring with big plays each drive....

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