Friday, November 24, 2006

O.J. Needs to GO!

His name and bust need to be removed from the Hall of Fame in Canton. It is a disgrace that they still sully the building. O.J. was acquitted, and since his verdict came about by a trial of his peers then so-be-it. I can live with that....but to write a book and include a chapter about "how he WOULD HAVE DONE IT" (if he had be so inclined) no matter how its caveated, is to me an outright admission of his guilt. I totally agree with TMQ, this is NOT the act of an innocent man. If he was innocent or had any sense of grace or humanity, he would have found the mere suggestion that he write something like this repugnant.

I will not visit the Hall of Fame until he is removed, and if the NFL doesn't possess the dignity to do it, then I will not be visiting (not matter how much I'd like to visit).

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