Saturday, November 18, 2006

Race and Coaching - Why is this even an issue?

For some reason all the encoding on this page has switched to Japanese...friggin' watching Inside the NFL on HBO...

Few observations: Pretty good "inside the officiating" highlight on the first reel of the Bears-Giants game...not I will stop ripping some of these retard crews, but I came tell you this, it was interesting seeing Ref Ed Hochuli chatting up with the players, warning them not to get out of control and not to be drawing personal fouls.

Which young QB would you take to start a team: Big Ben, Philip Rivers, or Eli Manning...gotta agree with Cris Carter, I think Philip Rivers has a great upside...he's come from nowhere and rotting on the Chargers bench to play really well...I think all three are the real deal though, just a gut feeling on who I would take...Eli has wilted in the second halves, and Ben, well I'd've taken him pre-mishap, but he doesn't look like the same guy right now...lets see if he rebounds the rest of the way.

But what was with the "do black players play harder for black coaches" talk at the beginning? And Cris Carter's innane all the black coaches are winners (except for 2)....What the HELL does their skin color have to do with whether or not they are good coaches...Look, Black Coaches are probably now as big a mixed bag as their non-pigmented counterparts. Art Shell sucks, Tony Dungy is good; Denny Green hasn't deserved to be a head coach for YEARS, but can't seem to get fired, while Lovie Smith gets no love after doing a bang-up for the Bears....The Bengals coach is a little overrated as for all his defensive prowess, his Bengals are more like kittens....Herm Edwards is a GREAT motivator, but he displayed almost NO class in forcing his way out of New York...(and I doubt very many Jets fans are pining for Edwards now that they have Eric Mangini). But you know what, their skins color makes ZERO difference to me....I think Romeo Crennel is doing an OK job in a bad situation in Cleveland. I like Art Shell the players, but I gotta agree with Bill Simmons, the Sports Guys, when he facetiously welcomed Art back to the coaching ranks. (yeah, it sux, you gotta be an ESPN Insider to read the whole article -- more on that on my next blog).

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