Saturday, November 18, 2006

Being an ESPN Insider: Is It Worth It?

Hmm, I signed up for the free trial last week because I follow the Eagles from Japan as you know and I figured what the hay...I'd try it out, because it might be better service than the ESPN Gamecast...its my main reason for getting an Insider Pass was shot to crap seconds after I signed up.

So I cannot recommend becoming an Insider unless you JUST CANNOT live without Len Pasquarelli's ti p sheet...which I realized I missed now that I got to read again...its pretty good, even if he does try and stir up some sh*t with the Eagles by questioning why Mike Patterson would sign an extension for less $$$ than Trent Cole...oh well...I just remembered that back before there WAS an Insider, I used to read that column all the time...I don't really need it though, certainly not enough to PAY for it....

I will post how easy/hard/frustrating it is to actually cancel your Insider account later on, after I try and do it...its doesn't look like they make it easy.

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