Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Road Ahead

The remaining schedule for the Eagles is the toughest of the teams set to duke it out over the final two playoff spots in the NFC. The percentages (courtesy are (easiest to hardest):

Minnesota... .406

St. Louis... .453

Atlanta... .484

Carolina... .500

Dallas... .531

Eagles... .547

The Eagles must win-out at home and take some if not all of their NFC games, the ONLY affordable loss appears to be the game in Indy in a few weeks. Now I hear ya, 7-1 is a tall order for a 4-4 team...7-1 would allow them to challenge the Giants, who figure to reach double-digit wins this year despite a growing list of injuries to their defense.

A more sane figure has them going 5-3 or 6-2...hmmm 9-7 and make the playoffs? Not likely in this league, because that would almost guarantee the Eagles a loss to a team they can ill-afford to lose to (Carolina or Atlanta or Dallas). 10-6 appears (as it seem to every year) to be the magic number for making the playoffs without relying on tiebreakers or other teams helping ya out.

So how to the Eagles "overcome" this hurdle. Easy. The very cliche, but very true, one-game-at-a-time method. It all starts Sunday against Washington. They've had their week to recharge, they're practicing right now, execute on Sunday and start playing like the team we saw in late Aug, Sep and early know fellas, the one that looked ready to chew up the league and spit out, the ones who came out fired up, putting up big leads...let us lament the defenses inability to get a shutout, or allowing a team to get within 10 points...instead of hoping that they'll make a game-saving play or force a three-and-out to give the O another chance to wake-the-hell-up.

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