Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Just that kinda day"

8 Penalties, a few of them costly...and two huge setbacks....first a defensive letdown on Henry's big run....down 17-6....then the Special Teams, after playing a very good game on returns, forgets how to tackle and Pacman Jones wiggles away and scores on a 90yd punt return. (Merrill and Mike note that our snapper was flagrantly held on the return, but there was no flag).

Merrill is just disgusted... he just said "I don't know what is happening to this football team"...I don't think ANY of us know...Mike Quick: "Its almost as if they are just going through the motions"

Reese is calling drop after drop after dropped pass. I mean, Garcia's stat-line is horrible, but I've heard Merrill call at least 6 DROPS...what the hell is going on? He's 6 for 15 with 6 drops...I mean he should be off to a torrid 12/15 sparking the Eagles to nice game without McNabb...instead its guys looking around, wondering who is going to make a play..its a rehash of the Jags game.

Quick: "The Eagles just need to play BETTER FOOTBALL."

AR is challenging the spot on the play. Look this defense has NOT given up. The special teams made huge gaffe, but other than that (and that is BIG OTHER) Reno has done an admirable job trying to spark the offense, which hasn't responded in any way shape or form.

AR wins the challenge...refs had been too generous with the spot...hopefully we get the ball back....maybe the ST can get the TD back...

Just three catches by the Wideouts? Quite getting mad at your helmet L.J. and make a friggin' catch! Hey hey...ok that's more like it. (he caught one just as I typed that).

The Eagles have started drives with excellent field position throughout the second half (and most times in the first) and have done very little with it. Eagles finally driving. They F'd up the snap on the FG...."Unbelievable" says Merrill...."Just that kinda day"

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