Sunday, November 12, 2006

Who are you and what have you done with Andy Reid?

The Eagles just RAN THE CLOCK OUT on the Redskins!
I mean they took over with 9:03 on the clock and fairly deep in their own territory...and Andy Reid reels off nine runs in a row (putting Westbrook over the century mark)...I mean talk about stepping UP! Man when the last time the Eagles had that kinda atty-tude? Skins KNOW they're going to run and the Eagles still pounded it down their throat.

That is more like it fellas! Hey Andy, did you see how balanced play-calling opened up your wide receivers? Damn, that was nice execution, except for that little lull after the hot start.

I just read that AR relinquished play-calling duties and let Marty Mornhinweg and McNabb calls plays/audibles...and you know what...the offensive looked more crisp, sharper and playing at a higher tempo at times. Of course it still comes down to execution and 5 short-hopped too many passes in the second quarter, BUT, nary once did the Eagles have to burn a time-out on offense because the play wasn't in on time...wasn't that a sight to behold.

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