Sunday, November 05, 2006

Finally, A Good Sunday for the Eagles

Hmmm, today wasn't that bad for Birds fans

1) They didn't blow a game
2) The Cowboys looked more like Muleriders and blew a big game in Washington
3) Atlanta lost to the Detroit Lions...let me say that again because it bears repeating. The Atlanta "we lead the league in rushing" Falcons LOST to the gang that can't shoot straight (and by shoot straight I mean score, tackle or perform many common functions of American football). That is fun-ny
4) The Rams lost the Chiefs...actually they got run over by Larry Johnson....

What didn't go right:
1) The frackin' Tex-ass-ns couldn't hold on to a late lead and lost to the GYNts, although Big Blue suffered another injury when Strahan went out with a foot injury.
2) New Orleans won, running their record to 6-2...if they don't blow it and Atlanta keeps blowing easy games (hmmm) they'll take the NFC South.....silver lining: the Saints win came at the expense of the Yuccaneers, who have now sunk to 2-6 after kicking a miracle 62 yarder against the Eagles a couple of weeks ago. HA HA HA. hopefully all the Bucs trolls will go away...might be a pain to be an Eagles fan the past few weeks, but its a damn sight better than being a Sucs fan.

But The BEST thing about today has got to be MEO dropping an easy TD enroute to a stunning and demoralizing loss to the Foreskins....HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, once someone posts it to YouTube I will link to it.....

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