Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Good Hunting Will

My first take the signing of former GYNts CB Will Peterson (er...make that William "don't call him Tra cause it wouldn't make sense" James): this a half season audition...provides the Birds a cheap insurance policy in case of injury and should be a fairly significant upgrade over the not-so dearly departed DB/PR Dexter Wynn.

The danger, the man has been out of football for the past year because of a back bad, so actually expecting this guy to contribute is dangerous....Expect him to be in street clothes against Washington (Joselio Hanson can still hold down the #4 CB spot) unless he really flashes in practice next week. IF the guy contributes, great, if he's comeback story that isn't going to be written, then so be it. The signing provides the Eagles with a potentially really good nickel DB (since he was a starter before the back injury)...and option for next year RE: impending free-agent DB Rod Hood. (I think Hood, like former-Eagle Al Harris will get starting money from some team next year, and it seems unlikely the Birds will want to pay for 3 starting corners. )

Some folks think that this is move that smacks of desperation regarding our DB situation. I do not. Will James is not going to come in and be anything more than a DIME package DB...Matter of fact I wouldn't expect him to replace Hanson (who is very young, but performed admirably in a couple of games (even covering MEO pretty well)) right away...that said, if Hanson is on the field against Indy, I fully expect Peyton to dial up #22 for a few long gainers...So, if WJ can play like he used to, it gives us an experienced 4th potential starting CB to try and match-up against that incredible Colts offense.

As for the options this would give Defensive Coordinate Jim Johnson regarding his pre-season plan to use Dawkins as a hybrid safety/linebacker...JJ said he had some plans to use that formation in certain situations, but I haven't noticed a whole lot of that (may have something to do with Jevon Kearse's injury or the regression of safety Michael Lewis). I do not this move portends the use of Lewis as a LB...JJ already tries to keep his in a more run-support role (inserting Considine in more obvious passing situations)

Finally, so long Dexter. Godspeed. Well, folks, I guess we're back to Reno Mahe as our primary return man....oh well there goes hope for a return TD this least we should field them cleanly...

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