Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What the Heck Happened to Washington?

I mean, weren't the Redskins pretty good last year? This goes beyond the 4skins usual off-season splurge on Free Agents and now-routine winning of the FA Bowl (crowned to the team that coughs up the most guaranteed money to largest number of paycheck hungry mediocre players). They were a legit play-off team last year...Good running game behind Portis, and a healthy dose of big-plays courtesy Santana Moss...My point: they were a lot like Carolina: Moss was their Steve Smith...everyone knew he was Washington's only real WR threat and he still torched people.

But I guess that wasn't good enough, because Snyder coughed up a truckload of cash for a new Asst. Head Coach/Offensive Guru/Coordinator/Master Al Saunders (who was upset that the Chiefs went with Herm Edwards instead of giving the job to him). So in marches this ultra complex offense that apparently confuses half the players to the point of uselessness...Way to go Al...Maybe Dan Snyder should ask Jeff Lurie, Jerry Jones and the Wellingtons to help defray the cost of Saunders' $2million/year salary, because he's sure as shit helped the rest of the NFC East more than the 4skins... :)

Even more humorous for Eagles fans, two Redskins (Local God Joe Gibbs and Safety Adam Archuleta) made SI's TOP TEN Football figures that need to go/worn out their welcome....hee hee

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