Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Chaotic Day in Japan: Computers, Cat food and FedEx, oh my!

Unfortunately, my wife's Sony VAIO may have gone to that big computer hard drive in they sky. It won't boot up anymore, not even in safe mode...just locked in a cycle of reboots...never seen anything like it...working fine...dead....needless to say last night was a bit dramatic. I think we'll get through it, but my wife's days as a Windows person are number, I think this family is heading for its first Mac...which makes sense given how much Christina love her iPod and iTunes. But that was the end of the day.

The beginning was a bit less frustrating. Someone my wife is responsible for entered the country, over the weekend, and was shipping herself some things....turns out in addition to some book and reference materials the woman shipped was she described as "Chinese Medicine." Nothing perks up a Japanese custom agent quite like potentially banned substances from China (unless its potentially banned substances from North Korea). Evidently this woman wrote out each and every item she put in the box, so now Christina has to get the list translated into Japanese so that the FedEx folks in Tokyo can determine if it allowed in the country.

Then we went to base to run a few errands. Its raining, semi-cold and the wind is gusting to like 45mph, but we brave the inclement weather and dash around several areas, pickup some uniform alterations, check mail, shop at the exchange/commissary. One interesting note, base roads (and some in town) are now lined with 4-foot reflective poles...this is let drivers know where the edges of the roadways are for when it snows....Four foot poles???!!! JHC....what are we in for? aiya....

Anyway we get home and unload all the groceries, and its time to put away the dog's food (Christina has to run back into the BX and buy it cause the commissary doesn't carry Eukaneuba (the boys' favorite)). So we have this storage container, to keep their food fresh....the bags are "easy tear", so whoosh goes the top and in pours the food...only its this tiny, nibble-sized food...guess what it is? CAT FOOD! So I guess the big cat on the front of the bag should've clued us in, but it didn't....the funny thing, D.J. went to town on that shit...that boy LOVES cat food...I dunno if its good for them, but it hasn't hurt....I say frig it...let'em eat it this once...

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