Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Class of 2005 Strikes Again

First, Mike Patterson, then Trent Cole, and now Reggie Brown have all signed long-term contract extensions with the Eagles. They must REALLY like that draft class...I don't mind the signings...I think its good business. There are valid arguments about how it can bite us in the ass down the line though...its just human nature that some of these guys might get a little grumpy if they outperform their contracts...players seem have a tendency to forget that past payments (in expectation of future performance) that are more than generous...I think for the most part it has paid off for the Eagles, and that by doing it with numerous players, the front office can create a bulwark against any one individual. No one is point a gun at these players' heads and forcing them to sign extensions so early. They just see instant security for their families in a profession fraught with injury and short careers. I would sure like to have that option...

But the funniest news of the day is page 2 TO instructions:

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