Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bye Week Blahs

Not really sure what to write about today...My take on Andy Reid's giving the team the week off to "refocus": its a good thing. This team appears worn out emotionally. They need to get away from the stadium, rest, relax, get in a few rounds of golf, play some Madden, play with the kids, etc, etc....

You know what I would like to see...elements of the teams, whether its McNabb and receivers, or the Linebackers, or the DBs....and have them show up at the NovaCare Complex on Saturday, on their "day off" so to speak, and get in there and let us fans know they mean business...Hell the whole team should do it for that matter.

In other news, The Eagles signed former Giants CB Will Peterson....ok...if he's healthy he's certainly an upgrade over Dexter Wynn...and I guess maybe a trial insurance policy against Rod Hood's injury (who also happens to playing on a 1-yr restricted FA tenure.

In domestic news, our household goods arrive tomorrow. Here's hoping all of our stuff arrives intact....gotta get the house prepared for the arrival (anytime between 8-5 tomorrow).

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