Monday, October 09, 2006

The Ultimate Apologist

You know how ESPN show the "Ultimate Highlight" each Sunday ?? (which by the way should not be viewed by those with epilepsy or attention spans measured in units of time longer than milliseconds)...well I propose a new segment that ESPN can air every week during Monday Night Countdown...having Michael Irvin be the "Ultimate Apologist"...a weekly chronicle for the former, most accomplished, drug-loving Cowboy wide receiver to make excuses for the current, most notorious, pill-popping Cowboy wide receiver's behavior.

Irvin actually defends 81 for yelling at teammates on the sidelines, saying "someone needs to say something"....but is it MEO's job to be person to get in the face of the O-line or the WR coach. ummm, as a fan who experienced the MEO erosion of team unity, the answer is an EMPHATIC NO

So let me offer up a hearty laugh at MEO's "I'm not here to point fingers" comment that came right after he threw Bledslow under the bus for his horrendous performance yesterday.

Here is an excerpt from MEO post-game PC: "You watched the game. Who's pulling the trigger? I'm just out there doing my job. I'm not trying to point fingers at anybody, but you guys know just as well as I know." Bledsoe, Parcells, and the Cowboys faithful better get real used to those sorts of snide, back-handed insinuations.

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