Friday, October 13, 2006

Gettin' Ready for 'Nawlins

Well, its taken a while for Iggles fans to stop talking about the big win over the Cowboys...but it is refreshing to see the team appears to have focused on their next opponent, the 4-1 New Orleans Saints, much quicker than us non-players...with that out of the way, its time to focus on what it will take to defeat said opponent...

Reasons for concern: first and foremost, the coach - Sean Payton. I hate this guy...well hate is not the right term...I despise this guy...he always has our number and concocts a gameplan than works well against JJ's defense...he's one the few in the league that have done so consistently.

two: He's got a competent QB who is playing well. Matter of fact, Coach P has the entire team playing well above themselves...they haven't been blowing people away, but 4-1 speaks for itself...

three: they've got a standout rookie, and he's not named Reggie Bush...WR Colston is playing his ass off...this isn't to say Reggie Bush hasn't been very good. He has. Colston those is big, rangy and fast...and he's producing. I think our secondary has been getting better each week. Joe Horn, Colston, Bush & Co. will provide another test for us.

four: defensively, they've got two ex-Eagles, Hollis Thomas and Mark Simoneau to help Payton devise more offensive schemes.

That said, I think so long as there is no emotional letdown the Eagles outmatch the Saints across the board. We're better along the lines, perhaps equal in the RB/WR skills positions, and superior at QB and TE. Defensively, our line is a match for anyone, our LBs are better and so is our secondary - no leaps and bounds better, but better. Special teams is at least a wash...Bush gives them an edge in the return game, but Harbaugh is an excellent coach.

As for shutting down an opponent's primary weapon. The Eagles have shown a propensity for not letting other teams' top playmakers from beating us this year. Andre Johnson did jack in Week 1, it wasn't Tiki that killed us in Week 2, Frank Gore did very little in Week 3 but cough up the ball on Patterson's 98 yd fumble return for a TD, Favre did zippo in Week 4, and we all know MEO's craptacular performance last week. This week its Reggie Bush, and I know, if the Eagles don't want him to, he ain't gonna do jack either.

More later, but that familiar excitement is building...its almost the weekend...too bad I gotta wait until Monday morning - AUGH!

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