Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Time is it?

First, a note from your sponsor: Thank you for stopping by, its cool that people actually click on over and check out my blog. I am going to try and embed some Eagles clips for added enjoyment, and put some more links along the side...(thinking some "Best of" or favorite rankings, movies, books, games, teams, etc). Allow me also to extend a hand of gratitude to those souls who spend some time each week uploading Eagles related videos to the web...your fellow citizens, service-members and Eagles fans overseas REALLY appreciate it. THANKS!

A curious statistics from Sunday win over the Cowboys...apparently the cowpokes had 30 more offensive plays, and won the time of possession battle by a wide margin (37:00 to 23:00). Conventional wisdom suggests that this should have spelled certain doom for our beloved Birds.

So why didn't it? Two words: quick strikes. This was enabled early by turnovers...the Eagles started fast, but fumbled...then a muffed punt quickly followed and the Birds suddenly had the ball inside the 10. So, instead of a scoring drive it was more of scoring poke...then they got it right back on the sack/fumble of Tooslow...and the Eagles got another gimme score (a FG); so 10 of the 31 points scored by the Offense happened very fast...and the quick-strike theme continued throughout the game, the other 3 TDs the Eagles scored came: 1) on the heels of a 60-yard bomb to TE L.J. Smith (the first play of a drive), 2) an 87-yard Bomb to Hank Baskett, (here is the same play but better because its the local play-by-play with Merrill) the first play of a "drive" when McNabb anticipated a corner blitz and told the rookie to go deep in the huddle, and finally a 40-yard flea-flicker to Reggie Brown (the 4th play of the "drive")....so in reality the Eagles offense wound up sprinting not marching down the field, sort of like Lito's 102-yd INT return for a TD...which by the way make him the only player in NFL history with TWO 100+ yard interception returns for touchdowns. (isn't YouTube great?)

Ok, I agree with other folks that it is a bad idea to allow the opposing team to control so much of the clock and run so many more offensive plays...but you score where you can, when you can...Its as simple as that...the name of the game is winning, and the Eagles needed every point and every big play to triumph over a tough opponent. I will take it, just so long as Andy Reid and Marty Mohrningwheg don't get overly infatuated with scoring in 30 seconds...give that D a break fellas...lets run the ball a little bit...especially on 3rd and inches.

Thus endeth the rant

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