Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Season is Not Over

The Eagles need to regroup and cut the mental mistakes and they've got the ability to bring this thing home...but NOT if they continue to act like the Salvation Army of the NFL, but here are a few reasons why the sky is not quite falling after the Eagles lose another heartbreaker to a late FG.

1. The Eagles are 4-3, but the Foreskins got hammered by Indy and are 2-5, and only 1 team, either the Cowboys or Giants will be 4-2 and take over the NFC East least tomorrow...the other team will be 3-3, so its second place city...

2. So exactly what we thought was going to happen in the NFC East is happening, Division games will decide the is the problem: the Eagles need to stop giving away gifts...

3. A lot of team in the NFC to a step backwards today, in much worse fashion that the Eagles, the Seahawks got blasted by the Vikings and the Panthers lost to the Bengals. The Falcons gutted out a win in OT versus the Steelers, but other than the Bears, no team in the NFC is creating separation (and they awfully vulnerable against the Cards)

The Eagles 4-3 record places them in the middle of the dogfight in the NFC. Bears 6-0, Vikings 4-2, Seattle 4-2, Rams 4-2, Saints 5-1, Falcons 4-2, Panthers 4-3, Eagles 4-3, Cowboys or Giants 4-2 the other 3-3....There are 10 teams with a legitimate shot at the playoffs...Sorry Bucs fans, two gift wins against superior teams does not resurrect your season...its done you are the #4 team in the South....Cards fans can start planning their January vacations now because their players will need to buy tickets if they want to get in on some playoff action...ditto for fan of the Packers, Foreskins, Lions, and 49ers.

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