Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good Teams Don't

Hmm, the Eagles craptacular showing today was a complete waste of time...I didn't have a single, not a SINGLE frackin' PLAY worth cheering today....what the hell was that??

Did they forget to set their clocks? Looks folks, the Eagles showed a lot of promise early on, but there is a laundry of "don'ts" that the Eagles keep racking up...

Good teams don't:
- drop the first pass of the game
- commit penalty after penalty on offense...even if they're only the 5-yard variety...they indicate a lack of discipline that was clearly evident by the number of blown assignments today
- let the other teams start all of their first half drives (except for 1 I think) from their own 40 or better...I mean how many times did the Jags have GREAT field position in this game? The offense never did anything to establish itself, or even generate a few first downs to try and shift FP and gain any sort of momentum.
- let the opposing team RUN three times for a first down after a penalty sets the opposition at 1st and 20...the Eagles get a little 5 yarder and that seems to set them off kilter...other teams routinely overcome holding penalties to generate first downs against us...WHAT THE HELL???
- punt when down two scores with half a quarter, fellas, we just lost two in a row and are down two scores with 7:30 left... I understand its 4th and 9 (at that point), but WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PUNTING FOR? We'd've stood a better chance going for it that launching a mincing, fraidy-cat punt....Where did we punt it from? the 40?? After yet another penalty the goddamn frickin' Jags took over at the 30!!!! For, that was totally worth a punt....

- Just in case you forgot, this is a list of thing good team don't do...they don't have to wait until the 3rd qtr for a WR to register their catch of the game.

My conclusion from all this: the Eagles deserved to lose this game...I didn't think that after the loss to the Saints or the Bucs...but this stinker...they lost...good..let them stew on it for the bye week...maybe they'll find their balls somewhere this week and actually show up ready to play next time....that was disgusting...

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