Sunday, October 08, 2006

McNabb Comes Through Big

Well well well, MEO chokes and McNabb comes through is the much for all the Dallas fans deriding Donovan prior to the game...what did he do today, 18-33 for 354 yards and 2 TDs...with Bledslow screwing around for 223 yards and 3 Ints.

Here are my 5 stars of the game:

***** - McNabb, he was the engine for this team today. It looked like Westbrook would be the catalyst as the game opened, but it turned out to be 5 making the plays with his arm in the second half
**** - Lito Sheppard, played a gutsy, gutsy game...and redeemed himself not once but twice after dropping an easy INT in the first half...first game back coming off a sprained ankle, what a he bailed out his teammates by cinching the game with that 102-yard INT return for the TD
*** - Darren Howard and the entire D-Line, it seems like Howard was EVERYWHERE today, and the D-Line racked up all seven of the Eagles sacks job fellas...
** - Joselio Hanson, doth mine eye deceive me, or did little #22 take MEO's measure in this game and stack-up pretty well. Whodathunkit? Nice job dude, nice job
* - Hank Baskett, another whodat player to most football fans, Baskett became the 5th Eagles leading receiver in 5 games. Now THAT is what I call spreading the ball around...Moreover, he also redeemed himself nicely in the second half after allowing a long gain to bounce away from him in the first quarter.
More later...gotta watch Donovan talk at the PC on the webchat...

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