Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My NFL Top 5 for Week 5

Here are my top 5 teams after Week 5 of the NFL season. (ed. note: these rankings are based on how well a team has played to this point in the season, NOT how good I think a particular team is overall, or what I think of any particular team's playoff chances)

1. Chicago Bears - simply put, playing the BEST all around football in either conference
2. Denver Broncos - playing lights out defense, and while they struggled against a stiff Ravens D, they scored enough to secure the W.
3. Philadelphia Eagles - McNabb is posting an MVP-caliber season, and the Eagles possess the most prolific offense in the game. I place them one rank below the Broncos based on the axiom that it is defense that wins championships, and our D could tighten it down a notch or two
4. New England Patriots - have found themselves an excellent back in Maroney, some one who should allow them to keep Corey Dillon fresh all year, which is bad news for the AFC East. Plus they still have Tom Brady making plays and a defense that is more than a match for their division rivals...damn, and I was hoping the Pats would fade away gracefully
5. San Diego Chargers - after dropping a painful game to the Ravens by playing Marty-ball, the Chargers bounced back nicely by trouncing the defending champs. The D is pretty good and Phillip Rivers is playing well. If they can get LT going...look out...

Again these are just my thoughts on who is playing the best through the first five weeks of the season. Teams that were also considered:
Honorable Mention AFC: Indianapolis Colts (yeah, 5-0, but just barely, find a run D fellas) and the Cincinnati Bengals (probably left off because they didn't play this week and I want to see how'll they rebound from the ass-whuppin' the Patriots laid on them in Week 4)
Honorable Mention NFC: Atlanta Falcons (powerful running game and a renewed focus have propelled them to good performances thus far, still think Vick is a mediocre QB) and the St. Louis Rams (didn't expect them eh? 4-1, playing much better D than I thought possible, and showing a spark of the old-style "greatest show" Rams offense...this week they have a chance to do in Seattle what Eagles did in Week 5, put a stamp on their division...a win over the Seahawks would make me look very smart too based on my pre-season prognostications)

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