Sunday, October 29, 2006

Woe unto thee when your team launches a fraidy-cat punt

I fully expect TMQ to cite that AR's decision as a "mincing, fraidy-cat punt...boom goes the punt, and after a 10 yard holding penalty the Jags have the ball at the 30 yard line." I write "game over" in my notebook.

I was LIVID with the Eagle's entire approach to that 3rd and 4th down....3rd and 6 at the Jax 43...down two scores...that is two down how about running the ball? or calling a designed run for 5 and letting him build some momentum...either way, we should have had two plays in mind for that situation...

Moreover to punt in that situation, when the opposing team has racked up well over 150 yards rushing at that totally ridiculous. so we punt, get flagged, and wind up having a whopping 10 yard field position swing...that was just rich...I honestly said at the time, GAME OVER...AR ran up the white flag, the defense sensed it, and the Jags run 5 of the remaining 7:27 off the clock...pathetic...I mean get this...after a penalty sets the Jags to first and took the Jags all of THREE, 3, three goddamn runs to grind out a first down and ensure the clock would dwindle down.

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