Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dallas-haters Rejoice: The Fuse is Lit

Hark! What doth mine eyes and ears observe this morning but a classic look-at-me tirade from Terrell Owens in today's Dallas Star-Telegram. The bum truly deserves the ME.O. moniker Those more forgiving than I might be tempted to overlook MEO's history, but I would caution those optimistic souls to not pin their hopes on the stability of footballs most narcissistic player. Before the season I calculated that MEO would give the Cowgurls one good season before much for that one...

Now, those of us who follow the Eagles are being treated to an eerie deja-vu...MEO divulging his frustration to the local press..."I do have a problem when I don't feel like I'm involved enough. I know I can make a difference. That's not me being arrogant. (that's rich) I just know what I bring to the table." For those keeping count MEO just bolted out eight references to himself in just four little mention of the team....oops that's right...the M and the E are missing because now they are in "MEO"

I do have to saw, it IS more entertaining this time around...I about blew Diet Coke bubble out my nose when I listen to MEO yap on NFL Live this afternoon...

Word up Big D fans, the fuse to the powderkeg that is Owens has been lit...the ONLY thing left to determine is when it will go off. I can only hope that the Texans somehow speed the process along (don't think it'll happen, but wouldn't that be grand?)

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