Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What about that Fake FG against Green Bay?

A lot of chatter in Eagle-land about the seemingly goofball fake FG call that came on what was supposed to be 54-yard FG attempt from David Akers right before the half in Monday night's game against the Packers...There was a lot of "what was coach Andy Reid thinking? talk going on after what on the surface looks like a bonehead coaching call...In my opinion: Reid's mea cupla at the post-game press conference had nothing to do with reality and everything to do with protecting whichever players changed the play at the line-of-scrimmage...Someone on the field obviously thought they saw something that wasn't there and audibled at the line...Why else would the cameras have caught Coach Reid gazing in utter, stupefied amazement at the players on the field just prior to walking into the tunnel at half-time? After the game though, he was all "it was my call, I didn't recognize the coverage..yadda yadda yadda...BULL...Andy was doing what any coach worth his salt would do: protect his players by doing what he shown a distinct and endearing willingness to do: take all blame and heap all the bad things/pressure on himself. He knows Dallas is coming to town...so why throw a players "under the bus" by showing he was just a surprised as the rest of us when Akers wound up throwing a pass instead of booting a moonshot to give us a 10-9 halftime lead...Others may disagree, but I see it as a class move by Coach Reid.

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