Thursday, February 08, 2007

William Arkin calls US Troops Mercs? Screw him.

Wow, being in Japan sure can be isolating sometimes...I completely missed the William Arkin screed against the troops on his Washington Post blog. Basically troops aren't allowed to voice their opinions, because if they do, they somehow think they're "above" the rest of society. Fuck that. Arkin is criticizing NBC for airing a segment that included enlisted soldiers worrying about waning US support for what they're doing in Iraq, but the kick in the teeth is this passage: "and the recent NBC report is just an ugly reminder of the price we pay for a mercenary - oops sorry, volunteer - force that thinks it is doing the dirty work."

I have never read a more disgusting piece of writing than that (I imagine that the NAMBLA or KKK or Neo-Nazi writings are fairly sickening as well, but I'd never actually seen any of that crap). Hey Arkin - GO FUCK YOURSELF! I ain't out here defending you, you wussy puke. If you were on FIRE, I wouldn't piss on you to put you out (why waste the piss?).

Whew, ok now that that rant is over. Go here because the commentary on this has already been done, and much better than I could have done it. Thanks Michelle Malkin, you may be a pretty hard-core conservative, but you got this one right. There is an excerpt from the blog entry, and the very detailed listing of the various folks blasting the shit out of this asshole.

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