Monday, February 05, 2007


God the only thing worse than having your team eliminated from the playoffs and then enduring two weeks of endless Superbowl hype is having to sift through all the crap about the winning team after the game.

This douche actually debates the idea that Colts might somehow qualify as an "all-time" great team. Um, no...the fact that they won despite never playing their "A" game does not make them "more dominate" than we might think. It says something about their perseverance and will, but it does not connote future dominance.

The author writes: "The Colts dispatched four formidable playoff opponents without once playing a game that was sound offensively, defensively and on special teams. In other words, they had a rather sizeable margin of error, meaning not only are they a worthy champion but a team so talented they could wade through four opponents with a combined 47-17 (.734) record without once playing their "A" game." Fundamental flaw in that paragraph: it assumes the Colts opponents all brought their "A" game and yet somehow still couldn't withstand the fury of the Colts "B" game...ummm...NO...I doubt many folks in New England or Baltimore believe their teams played up to their potential. So its wasn't some natural, heretofore unrealized dominance that the Colts put on was heart, gumption and will. Plus a healthy of lady luck. Add that to a talented club, with an All-Pro's pro at QB (Peyton), a gritty O-Line, and good-to-great talent at some key positions (Harrison, Wayne, Freeney, Sanders) and you have a recipe for success.

One might also want to put down the Kool-Aid about the "all-time" greatness for the Colts because, as Don Banks notes, Indy is poised to suffer a pretty significant talent drain in the offseason if they don't find more cap space. Lets see if they keep the team together and see how they deal with the post-SB hangover before breaking out the annointing oils, shall we?

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