Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Valentine's Day was a real kick in the balls. My wife gives me my gift: Half Life 2: Episode 1 about 0445 (before leaving for work by around 0520) and what do I discover when I bounce into ye olde home office and tv on my widescreen monitor? A no signal sign....but what a minute, the computer is on.....odd...reboot and I get what would be my nemesis for the rest of the morning. The Beep of death. You see, I learned today that all computer board makers gives their motherboard beep codes.

Beeping codes are designed to let technicians diagnose what the fuck your computer is trying to say (I guess we haven't progressed to the point where the computer could actually fucking tell you, but that's neither here nor there).

Long story short: the motherboard is frazzled, and my previous gem of an Alienware computer is now boxed and on the slow-boat back the States, where, under warranty it will, god-willing, be restored to its former useful greatness at my parents domicile in Delaware (yeah I paid for the on-site service, but that doesn't extend to Japan, damn Navy).

What does that mean for your intrepid ranter? It means using my older, twitchier back-up PC for the next oh, two months (at least - groan) and NO Command and Conquer 3 when it hit store shelves at the end of March - DAMMIT! Heck very little gaming at all, the old machine just doesn't have the hops to deal with the latest games. I've got a few oldies lying around, I may have to make due with some old-school stuff...or...I could study my Chinese more often...acquire some more Japanese....maybe actually get Dispatch 4 other words, be more productive...oh frig it....where's Flixster....

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