Monday, February 19, 2007

When the Moods Strikes

Ok, so they found the climbers on Mt Hood. Big fat hairy deal. I want to know what happened to the DOG! Heck, those fellas made a choice to put themselves in peril (and at least they the good sense to bring along survival equipment) but the I doubt the Labrador Retriever woke up and thought "hmmm, good day to climb a mountain."

And who gives a flying fart if Britney Spears shaved her head? Its HAIR people...its grows back!

The funniest article of the day so far is the Hispanic pastor who thinks he is the living embodiment of Jesus Christ...but has 666 tattoo'd on his arm...hee, dude...

On the home front, I guess the Congress angered some Japanese politicians today by passing a non-binding resolution call on Tokyo to formally resolve the female sex-slave during World War II issue. Here's to guessing the Japanese don't want to be reminded that they "employed" more than 200,000 "comfort women" almost 70 years ago....My thought: this will blow over soon. Heck, I doubt the people IN WASHINGTON realize the impact of their vote. To them its just another throw-away non-binding resolution that law-makers can pass to soothe the collective conscious.

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