Sunday, February 25, 2007

Goodbye Garcia

Well, just in case you haven't heard, the Eagles signed #3 back-up QB A.J. Feeley to a 3-year extension today. And if you're like me you realize that it signals the end of #2 QB Jeff Garcia's tenure with the team.

First off - Thank you Jeff. You remain a true professional, and your fire, passion and leadership helped turn a dismal season into one to be remembered. You are a true class act (as evidence by the report in this story by Bob Brookover that he text'd a congratulation to A.J. when he heard the news).

Secondly - I am a bit surprised that the Eagles did not wait until they saw what the market had to offer before making this move. I do believe this, however, by not waiting they maintained leverage over the Feeley "camp". Consider this...the Eagles wait, Garcia sees the market, get a nice offer and walks, the Birds have just A.J. in his last year, and without the potential of Garcia around, his asking price just went up (not way up, but up).

Third - Its NOT a bad move. A.J. is 29, a full 8 years younger than Garcia, and while he does not have the same resume, there is no doubt that A.J. is at home in Philly. There is something about our system that brings out the best in him. Just a Garcia was in the proverbial "right place, right time" last year, I think A.J. is in a similar RPRT situation.

Fourth - concerning the "right place" aspect, A.J. has this to say: "I love Philadelphia. I love the city. I love the organization. It's where I want to be. It was a no-brainer for me in that regard. There's something to be said for being with a team you love everything about it." 'nuff said.

Fifth - I would be shocked if Brad Childress didn't give serious consideration to bringing in Garcia to help bring along Tavaris Jackson. I don't believe the Tampa rumors (why would Garcia want to languish away his last couple of season on a crap-ass team like that?). Denver is a perennial contender it seems...if they're truly interested. I can see Jeff going there.

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