Friday, February 23, 2007

Another Day "In the News"

Well there's damn little Eagles football to talk about right now.

So let's take a quick pass 'round the NFL shall we:
The only Eagles-related news was about ex-Eagles great, Troy Vincent. He just got released by the Redskins to save some cap-space. My question: Does he still get to be the President of the NFLPA if he doesn't have a job? NO, I don't think he returns to the Eagles, no matter how great a locker-room presence he may be.

Jack del Rio names Byron Leftwich his starter for 2007...What? Isn't that sort of like mending the fence after the stampede? Didn't Jack basically toss away a playoff run last year by dissing Leftwich (injury or not) and tossing in with Garrard (who was subsequently tossed away for yet another clone: Quinn Gray)? I wonder how THAT relationship is going to be next year.

Then NFL Combine starts today....wonder who the next workout warrior will be...and hopefully team officials will ignore the retards who administer the Wonderlic test.
Do you really care? Are you that hard up? Then go here for the "Best of Day 1" or the "Combine Blog"

AND in the real world....

Why am I not surprised that it would be some legislator from near San Francisco that wanted to outlaw spanking your child....well good news...common sense won the day and she has greatly toned down the bill she would like passed....still, I have ask, it is wise to try and legislate what goes on inside the home like that...shit..anybody seen Nanny 911??? Kids today needs their ASSES KICKED.

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