Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bye Bye Franken, don't forget to disappear

Well, the best thing about Al Franken dropping his radio show to go run for Congress (or Senate, or whatever) is that I no longer have to listen to that claptrap when my alarm goes off at 0400 in the mornings. You see out here in Japan, the local radio is live for 12 hours (06-1800) and them switches to satellite feed. In the interest of equal-time, they broadcast one hour each of a right-wing nut and a left-wing loon. Up until last week that meant 4-5 Al Franken, and 5-6 Rush the gasbag. It was a real pain in the ass, cause I hate having my news/commentary filtered through such extreme lenses.

The lefty show got a little less loony with Franken's disappearance because they've replaced the equal time guy with Fox's Alan Colmes (who probably should be a radio personality). Of course the show starts with a bunch of call-ins, so by the time I'm awake he hasn't really talked about anything and I still don't have much of a clue as to what subject he might talk about. Oh well...

In another thought, what will Air America do now that it has lost its poster-boy?

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