Saturday, February 03, 2007

Random Thoughts

As I wait for the Superbowl to happen I've struggled to find any angle at all to write about...everything is being done, over and over and OVER....AFN carried the "final" Head Coach press conferences on NFL Total Access and my god, what a was different dudes asking the same questions to which we've already heard the answers at some other point in the two-week-long-but-interminable hype machine about the game.

So here are some random thoughts knockin' about the noggin' on this snowy Sunday morning:

- My thought about the SuperBowl XLI - GO BEARS!!! GO NFC...

- Idiocracy is pretty good - in places. Yes its from the mind of Mike Judge, who created perhaps one of the greatest comedies in a generation: Office Space. But this is not quite on par with that. Still the idea that the progeny of the Clevon's (read: Beavis) of this world will eventually overwhelm the offspring of the much more intelligence (and therefore less procreationally active) people of the world is a hilarious premise.

- Michael Irvin made the Football Hall of Fame....based on what he did on the field, sure, I can see it...not sure why they chose him and not Andre Reed and/or Art Monk, but I don't get a vote. I can, perhaps, offer a look at what his entry bust might look like:
- Brett Favre is coming back for his 17th season. I thought for sure he'd hang 'em up. Personally, the decision does not impact me much, but I think if I was a Packers fan, I'd be a little torn. YES, Brett has earned the "I'll-retire-when-I-damn-well-please" sort of slack, but another part of me would be like, dang fella, if we'd have known you were going to hang around for THREE more years we wouldn't wasted that #1 on Aaron Rodgers to be your replacement. Heck, don't you think the Pack's woes might have been a little-less, uh, woeful, if they'd been able to pick up a #1 DT to shore up the pitiful D, or add in a #1 WR for Brett to throw the damn ball to?

- Ok, enough of football. Cannot wait for Flags of our Fathers to hit the BX.

- Kevin Bacon is finally using the stupid Six Degree shit for something useful...He's started a Six Degrees of Charity site. Its not an entirely retarded concept.

- Got that new NFL heavy winter sideline jacket (the one you've probably seen the certain non-Belichick coaches wearing)...Its Eagles, so of course its awesome. And luxuriously warm here in snowy Misawa nowadays.

- How is it that only Bostonians were retarded enough to mistake a bunch of brite-lights for terror devices?

- So China's President Hu Jintao trots on over to Sudan, and signs a bunch more oil and trade contracts...hmmm, and we wonder why nothing gets done re - Darfur?

- Can you resista Microsoft's Vista? I plan to, for as long as possible.

- Great, I got more snow to shovel and/or blow around mechanically.

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