Sunday, February 04, 2007

Half Time Thoughts

- Bears offense and Grossman better gets off their asses and convert a friggin' third down if they want to win this game

- How many more turnovers can we expect...

- The Bears lucked out when Mr. Clutch ground his gears and whiffed that easy be a fumble in the last two minutes and then fumble the ensuing snap??? Pitiful.

- While that botched extra point play a role in the outcome or will one team pull away in the second half...I know if it was the Birds, that missed EP would play a critical role.

- The weather gets stupid and sloppy and it favors the pass-happy Colts??!! Bears better wake the hell up (oops, already said that).

- Bears were on the field a lot in the second quarter...does this ultra-long half-time actually work against the Colts, because the Bears D is going to get extra rest they wouldn't normally get.

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