Saturday, February 24, 2007

Around the World in Snippets

Will try something new here today. On days where there is no real Eagles news, I've trot around the globe and give y'all the quick hits on things that amuse me (and hopefully you as well)

- If Congress wants to cut funding for the War in Iraq to force the troops home. Fine, DO IT, be stand-up people and vote that way. But don't try and fiddle fart around with conditions that will just hamstring U.S. forces in the field. Cause that's just what we need. Terrorists, insurgents, Iranian agents, al-Qa'ida et al knowing the U.S. forces are forbidden from combat operations. Its not about "emboldening the terrorists" - I don't buy that argument against it, the terrorists are bold enough. Want to know why I disagree with the Democrats on this one? Its essentially fucking with soldiers and their families' lives (hold off on the doesn't-the-war-do-the-same-thing argument for now). I feel that way because it seems like a strategy that is DESTINED to increase U.S. casualties, which would suit some liberals cause it would help speed the call for a total pullout.

- The President of Sudan accuses the US of "exaggerating the troubles in Darfur" (where the Muslims are carrying out a pogrom against the 'infidels') so Washington can control the country's energy. Of course the only people who can listen to this tripe and not laugh are the Nation of Islam (member of whom were, to no one's surprise - the intended audience for his lies). Um, Khartoum you might want to recheck you vassalage with Beijing before you go worrying about Western control of you've already abdicated much of it to your Eastern lords.

- Iran's foreign minister has declared that the U.S. is in "no position to attack" it over it nuclear program. No Shit. Really. This is why I'm disappointing about the bungling decision to go to war in Iraq...the real terrorists, the real WMD threat was in Iran all along. And of course Tehran wants to negotiate. They just watched North Korea draw out talks for YEARS, giving them enough to conduct a nuclear test and declare they've joined the nuclear club.

- Lets just get this straight. First Lt. Ehren Watada is a putz, not a hero. He a goddamn officer in the U.S. Army and just because he's afraid of getting hurt doesn't mean he should abandon his men and refuse to go to war. He deserves his court-martial. Just because he's some hippie anti-war darling because he refuses to do his duty doesn't change the fact.

- Thanks to the current administration, Mexican truckers are now allowed to haul freight anywhere in the U.S. Anyone else seem impending chaos? I can't wait for the first time a Mexican trucker demolishes some family on the highways in Missouri because he's so goddamn tired and was driving for days-on-end to meet some ridiculous deadline. Oh yeah, COUNT ME OUT as far as faith that our gov't will have the ability to regulate/inspect this industry properly. As a matter of fact, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters should be publicly flogged for lying like this when she said, "This program will make trade with Mexico easier and keep our roads safe at the same time." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Show of hands: who believes that shit?

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