Saturday, February 17, 2007

Movies, Lost and Other Things

Been a few days since I last looked in (doesn't seem too many folks have dropped) and to be honest there isn't all that much to chat about. I mean the Eagles position has not changed one iota. Andy Reid is off dealing with his sons, free agency hasn't started and there is very little to comment on.

So what the hell am I doing here? A few quick reactions to the few commentary-worthy thing that have happened.

- The Flyers traded Peter there's a shocker (insert sarcasm). first off, Forsberg is a great player, WHEN HE PLAYS. Unfortunately that just hasn't been often enough for the Flying P's. And seeing as he's going to be a free agent in a few months, why not at least get something for him and let the Predators rent him for a few months. You know, instead of older talent, perhaps the Flyers need to find some small, speedy, young talent to compete in this new NHL. Just a thought.

- Just finished Lost Season 2 - AUGH! Season 3 is about ready to start out here in Japan, but I swear. Not enough people "get it" in that movie....I mean just once, would they all put things out in the open? Haven't they learned by now the dangers of hidden agendas and lies? Still, it kept me entertained and I have a fairly high standard when it comes to TV entertainment (aside from cartoons that is). Here's hoping some more of the "others" start eating bullets in Season 3.

- Apocalypto was pretty good. Its not some daunting epic like Braveheart with huge set-piece battles. Its about a relatively simple Mayan hunter and his family who get swept up in a death throes of a huge decaying Mayan city a few days travel away (but of course it might as well be light years away from someone who never leaves their little patch of jungle/forest).
The movie, however, suffers a bit from a meandering start and is a bit oddly paced. Its got this epic feel/setting but not this epic story. The story-of-one-man-against-the-greater-backdrop works but viewers labor a bit to piece it together. I dug it, but a lot of folks probably left shrugging their shoulders.

- On the other hand Rocky Balboa, uh, rocked. It was a proper send-off to the beloved Philly icon, trading on viewers' sentimentality at seeing Stallone "yo" his way through a nice array of Philly locales without abusing it with some fanciful Rocky gets the belts one last time scenario. No, all Rocky wants is one last chance to get inside the ring and fight off some inner demons the only way he knows how - by slugging it out. The Then-vs-Now computer-projection vehicle that is a major plot device in setting up the only bout of the movie works because of a few reasons. A) the questions are bandied about with each new generation. Which team would win it all; etc, and B) the involvement of ESPN and HBO will lend a very credible air of realism to the story. I mean, we'll all heard Larry Merchant and Brian Kenny and the other on-air personalities, and seeing them in the movie helps it out.

Simply put this is a much better send-off than the putrid Rocky V. Its weird because Stallone is really great in this role; he really does ACT....perhaps he should have written more movies for himself because all that Cobra, Over the Top and Assassins shit was just a waste.

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