Thursday, February 22, 2007

In the News

I only get 1 news channel here in Japan, and right now its focused on Anna Nicole Smith. So instead of letting my bile rise, I am off to GoogleNews

Here are some interesting snippets:

The Clinton-Obama love-fest is over before it began. I guess all the Hollywood-types are creaming their pants that they an anti-war "minority" candidate to support. Hee hee...You know though, I like Obama, I think he's got charisma and charm (hmm, wonder who that reminds me of) but not a lot of experience. I really like the we-gotta-change-the-politics in this country message, but I will be dismayed if that just rhetoric, and if his camp gets into a year-long dogfight with Hillary, then I think that will alienate a lot of folks. Can we keep this clean?

Anybody else chilled by the idea of American muslims getting radicalized right here at home? This story from Chicago may become more common. They're not guilty yet, just accused. But the simply fact remains...the openness of our society can be turned against us, so we must always remain on guard...there is no going to back to pre-9/11 folks...there just isn't. And that sucks.

Something tells me the execs at Nintendo are ecstatic that the Wii is the top-selling console game system in the U.S. I love my PS2, but I loved my Playstation even more, and I honestly don't use gaming consoles much anymore...not when I have a computer...

Missile defense in Eastern Europe? Are we thinking this through? I don't think there's much upside to that. It will prove to be a catalyst to greater Sino-Russian cooperation and that is NOT something we need. Hell, the frickin' Chinese has already nullified missile defense by coming up with the asymmetric anti-satellite strategy. Yeah, lets get the Russians AND the Chinese teaming up to find ways around missile defense....that's fucking smart....

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