Thursday, February 15, 2007

Muddling Through

Dang folks, there isn't much going on to feed my football addiction...weird, sort of hanging on to little things - like free agents re-signing with their clubs before FA opens next month.

I was stunned by Tim Hardaway's little anti-gay rant on the radio. Heck, every LITTLE thing get blasted around the news cycle, so what can you expect when you drop bombs like that...Its one thing to find homosexuality disagreeable and say I don't approve of that lifestyle and that's my choice. Its quite another to say you hate someone because of it. I'm not a defender of the rainbow lifestyle by any means, but I don't hold it against someone. People are people. My .02

I am back to working on my smaller monitor. Yeah, that's right no more big 26-inch widescreen. I dunno. This one handles the signal from this older computer better, and I can actually READ what I type, which helps quite a bit.

Lots of good movies out at the base theater this weekend: Apocalypto is tonight (plan to check it out after we go to a wedding reception), Eragon and Rocky Balboa are tomorrow, and Night at the Museum is Sunday. Going to have to catch up on my Hollywood fare.

I just an old collection of Command and Conquer. I was very much forward to C&C 3 later next month, but without the monster PC to chew it up and spit it out, I fear the little 64 MB video card in my old computer would get the proverbial sand kicked in its microprocessor by the big lug.

Oh well, Will let you know how the movies go. Later

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