Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Truth Comes Out

Finally an article that comes out and states the obvious...the Eagles have ways to create cap-space for 2007 should they feel the need. The reason: 4 of the 6 long-term extension they came to last year (DT Mike Patterson, DE Trent Cole, OT Todd Herremans and WR Reggie Brown) have written in some fairly hefty roster bonuses due this year.

The bad from that: it sucked away nearly $18 million in cap space (that is the total value of the Roster Bonuses)....The Birds probably would be able to create somewhere around 14 million in 2007 cap space IF they turned all four into signing bonuses and were then - under the rules - able to pro-rate the rest into the future.

The GOOD about it: If they manage to sign some guys without converting that money, they will have good young core players locked up and signed long-term without any of them becoming "cap killers" in the future that demand restructuring or new contracts etc. Yes it restricts us this year, but it'll create future flexibility....

WILL they restructure or convert some money....something tells me that they won't let a million or so prevent them from keeping a couple of key guys....but likewise, I think the Eagles will NOT create the space simply to match some gonzo-offer for Stallworth or other free agent.

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