Thursday, February 08, 2007


Well, I haven't talked about the Eagles for a couple days, but I don't want this to become another useless political watch blog. I'm listening to Sheppard Smith in the other room, and all the news is Pelosi's plane request (already got a solution for that one - assigned a corporate cross-country capable Gulfstream Jet to the OFFICE of the Speaker, not the person)....or the Scooter Libby trial (guess Tim Russert just sunk his battleship today)...and blah blah blah...

But the biggest news overnight? The Cowboys finally have a new head coach, and the newest entrant in the can-I-outcoach-Andy-Reid-and-get-past-Philly sweepstakes is (drumroll please)

Wade Phillips!

Gene W. had this to say on ESPN: Jones will defend his choice by saying Phillips has NFL head coaching experience, that Phillips is one of the premier defensive minds in the game, and that his philosophy is better suited to Cowboys personnel. ...That's fine. Jones can rationalize all he wants, but in the end there isn't anything about the decision that is defining. Instead, it's an uninspired choice disguised as prudent. America yawns. And America's Team becomes even more inconsequential. Remember, Jones and the Cowboys haven't won a playoff game in 10 years.

Hee hee...
Actually I think he's not a bad choice, considering the fact that no matter who the titular 'head coach' is down at Valley Ranch, we all know that Jerry Jones is calling the shots. Think the Big Tuna was in charge down in Big D....MEO changed all that. JJ wanted him, JJ got him (and it couldn't have happened to a nicer idiot). Heck, JJ proved it again before ever hiring another head coach by publicly lusting after and hiring Troy Aikman's former clipboard carrier Jason Garrett (he apparently was a rising star in the coaching world - at least he was in JJ's mind) to an as yet undefined position on the staff. (my bet is offensive coordinator/asst. coach).

I mean, think about it...JJ needed someone malleable and defensive-minded. There aren't that many coaches out there right now who'd be all that comfy knowing their future replacement (at least in the owner's mind - and lets face it, he's the one that matters) is already pacing the sidelines.

I almost feel sorry for the guy. I can see the first blow-up with MEO looming already...Wade gets irked at some antic, tries to call out the star players to assert his authority...and SHWACK! "the player" says something like "get your fat ass back to the defense." Hee hee...get your popcorn a-poppin' fellas it could be an interesting summer.

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