Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bad News Bears - Evil Rex Showed up

The Bears had their shot at SuperBowl XLI, but came up short. And you know'll read all about elsewhere. I doubt anyone is coming to this page to make SURE they get the best SuperBowl coverage.

So I will just say this. The Bears possessions in the second half were ATROCIOUS...Indy extends its lead with a big drive to start the second half and the Bears respond with a total of 2 decent plays before Rexie-boy stumble-fucks his way to consecutive big-loss sacks, one because he couldn't get his own feet out of his way and the second because the he couldn't handle the fucking snap! So the Bears go from potential threat with a 2nd and 1 in Colts territory to a 4th-and-fuggedaboudit punt.

They did managed to squeak in a FG in the second half. This came after the Colts went up 22-14, and squibbed it and then took a personal foul....Bears got the short field, and came up short, settling for FG. And that was ALL SHE WROTE. Why? Well you probably know why, its because Rex Grossman's evil twin entered the game and proceeded to throw two really shit-stupid passes...Its was the play-calling that was dumb, both passes would've connected and really sparked the Bears in the second half if Grossman had had enough talent to make the friggin' throws! Both passes were thrown so poorly they didn't have a chance to be completions, but instead had great chances to interceptions - and both were.

The first was Pick 6 which put the Colts up 29-17 and prompted me to write down: your Superbowl XLI Champion: the Indianapolis Colts!

Damn Bears. I wanted the NFC to win.

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