Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eagle Talk

Man, after reading Les Bowen's article about Juan Castillo, I've got to say, I wonder if we'd be taking rock-solid offensive lines for granted (like we are) if we didn't have him on the coaching staff. Its weird, after decades of putting up with sub-par offensive lines (and that's being generous) Eagles fans have gotten used to both mass and talent during the Andy Reid era...the notion of the Eagles having ProBowl linemen is no longer a joke (heck with Shawn Andrews, the Eagles may enjoy a Will Shields-type "Perennial ProBowler" for the foreseeable future.).

In other news, Spuds reports that DE Jevon Kearse enters camp at 248 lbs. That's smaller than MLB Jeremiah Trotter....I am not sure what to make of it, truth be told. I mean he's never been massive, but he IS a guy that will drop weight as the season goes along, and I think the coaches need to make sure he gets on a little more bulk over the next 5 weeks before the season starts.

Oh, by the way: the real hitting starts, of course, few are naive enough to believe that the mini-camps are truly "no contact" as advertised, but with the vets in camp, suiting up for the first time, now is the time for fans to get their first glimpse at some real football contact.

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