Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quick Thoughts

Got to hit the sack early tonight - volunteered to a be a casualty tomorrow at a little base readiness thing.

Here is what in on my mind:
What the fuck is Stephon Marbury thinking? Oh that's right, you need a fucking brain to think and it obvious that God didn't bless that ambulatory lunchbox with much more than a place to wear some stupid cock-eyed cap. Raising/abusing pit bulls for a dedicated bloodsport is not anywhere close to hunting. We don't tie the deer to rape-stands in the middle of woods so we have more deer. We don't train wild turkeys to viciously attack the nearest living creature to justify shooting them.

Jerome Bettis says he faked an injury to keep from getting cut by the Steelers in 2000. Not sure what the hub-bub is in some quarters. Placed in the same position, I believe most of us would've done the exact same thing. And seeing as how he went onto to have a Hall of Fame career and help the Steelers earn another Lombardi Trophy - I am quite sure that Art Rooney doesn't give a shit.

Couple more things - a few folks trying to stir-up an Eagles "locker-room revolt" because nearly every Eagles interviewed (McNabb, Westbrook, Kearse, Gaither, Spikes, Dawk, Sheldon Brown, Lito, etc) has expressed unmitigated shock that the Eagles would release Jeremiah Trotter. There is certainly an element of "rally 'round a teammate" going on, and no one is going to come out and say, "yeah, we could all see it, none of us wanted to say anything, but we all knew - Trot was done." No, he was a well-liked, respected veteran. Just like a Hugh Douglas, Troy Vincent, Duce Staley, etc....And the coaches decision to break ties with them hit the locker-room hard. Sometime multiple times in the same off-season. The primary difference now, is that guys like McNabb, Westbrook, Dawk, etc, are much closer to their own day of reckoning. (God, please let that be many more seasons away...please)....So it hits a bit closer to home. Lets be honest - I thought letting Duce get away was a huge mistake - but he really didn't do much after he left the Birds. I would've liked to have kept Troy or Bobby Taylor, but both left, and the Eagles never looked back.

These players are human beings, and they just had to watch a close friend walk out the door. Give them some time folks. Jeeze....

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