Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Half Thoughts (Eagles v Jets)

- A.J. is slingin' the rock! AND holding onto is WAY TOO LONG! Taking hits AND fumbling...DANG fella...He must think he's got the 1st-string O-line in there...Where's that internal clock that tells a QB to get rid of the ball?
- Tony Hunt looks like a keeper. I know its all second-string, but he looks sharp and powerful.
- WR Avant had a helluva catch down the sideline (31 yard gain on 3rd and 25)
- The red contact lenses (worn by a few Eagles players) may cut down on the glare, but they are creepy.
- Kolb enters the game early...seems like Kolb's early series are a little rough. He seemed to find his groove in the 2nd quarter. His dad is a HOOT.

Didn't get much work in the 1st quarter. Seems like the game-clock just ain't stoppin' (Good).
The Q HITS! OK Quintin Mikell can hit....anyone else like to see him replace Considine???? I can see the threads forming already (ed. note: yup they're there already).
Juqua Thomas is for real. I talked about him being a key guy to re-sign this off-season. It certainly looks like a good move now. I also love the fact that even though he signed a decent extension, he's hasn't slowed down. No "fat wallet" syndrome that seems to affect some guys when they get their first big signing bonus.

Special Teams:
- Hmmm, punting competition aside...Is place-holding going to decide the Eagles punter?the Eagles have flubbed two 46-yd FG attempts so far. The first was a poor snap - and Rocca couldn't save the hold....
The second was a good snap - hold got down - and Akers missed the kick. Hmmm, I wonder what the replay will show? Were the laces forward? YES...dang it.
Eagles finally convert a FG! With the pressure on, Rocca got the snap down and spun.
You know the Eagles got the chance to try that 3rd FG because a TD was called back. I think that's the only time I've ever been happy to see 7 points converted into 3....
- Punt coverage sucked on the first punt....WTF? Are our ST going to suck again this year? They've gone from a strength that helped propel us to the Super Bowl in 2004 (2005 is awash) to a base-line average group with notable deficiencies in 2006. This 2007 group isn't all the impressive either. What the fuck is wrong?
- Kickoff coverage sucked too.

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