Friday, August 17, 2007

Now THAT is what I wanted to see

Just about everything went exactly as I hoped this evening/morning:

- McNabb looked great. Simply great. He showed some mobility, getting out there on some roll-outs, stepping around in the pocket. More importantly - he had excellent chemistry with his wideouts - hooking up with Kevin Curtis right off the bat, and connecting with both Celek and Schobel for look passes with the TEs
- The team played with atty-tood. The first team D absolutely dominated the Panthers. Delhomme looked lost out there as the Birds first-team held them to 3-and-outs to start the games. Hell, the Panthers didn't move the ball at all until the Birds put in the subs at the end of the first half. Then Delhomme engineered a FG 2-minute drill against the likes of Joselio Hanson, Nick Graham and Marcus Paschal....oops
- Hello LITO! Nice set-up, with pressure on the right, and Lito playing the hot-read...INT for a TD! Good to see Sheppard is back and ready to rock.
- Celek continues to impress. This guy could wind up being a real least he looks like it after two weeks - which is very odd (and impressive) for a rookie....
- Barksdale - sort of disappeared for little while (to be fair - there weren't many opportunities) but then came up with a big INT....Rashad is making his case for a roster spot - without a doubt. The announcers are calling #31 a heck of a lot more than they are C.J. Gaddis' name (the man drafted one round higher)
- Rocca rocked it once again. 50 yd AVERAGE????? A great pooch punt....Watch out Dirk (fairness: He punted REAL well too, this is an intense competition)
- Bunkley and the rest of the D-Line - wow, now THAT is more like it...pressure against Delhomme, no points surrendered, very few yards allowed. They played strong, and it allowed the D to get its feet under it and hold the Panthers down.

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