Thursday, August 16, 2007

What to Look For from the Eagles-Panthers Game - Tonight

After starting the preseason with dull thud in Baltimore, the Eagles look to rebound on a short turn-around. They play the Carolina Panthers tonight (Friday night) and you know what? They need to show some life.

They do NOT need to win (though that would be nice), but I'd like to see they come out with a little bit of fire - especially the first team players and even more so the defensive starters. I mean no letting the Panthers just convert 3rd down after down. Force a 3rd and long and STOP THEM! Nothing is more fucking frustrating that watching the Eagles D play decent on 1st and 2nd down and then fail to hold on 3rd....

What else do I want to see? Let me tell you:
- Fewer mistakes. I know all the stuff about working out the kinks in the preseason, but fuck, the Birds had more kinks in their game than the red-light district in Hamburg for crying out loud. Let's play like we know what the hell we're doing, ok fellas?
- I want to see the O-line come out with a bit of attitude. The Ravens ran over, around and through those mofos on Monday night. A.J. barely had time to look downfield before some dude was in his face. Fuck that shit.
- What makes it even more important the O-line get its shit in order is that Donovan returns tonight.
- I love McNabb's quote about whether or not getting hit will get him reacquainted with football "I don't need anybody to hit me to wake me up and get me going," McNabb said. "I've been playing for eight years. I didn't need anybody to hit me when I came out with a sports hernia and I definitely don't need anybody to hit me now and let me know I'm playing football again." HA!
- I am looking to see some offensive execution/chemistry between McNabb and WRs Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis. I think it would be a good sign for the O if he can hook up with them early and engineer a good drive.
- I am looking to see how Will James responds. He talked a big game in the offseason about being a starter and challenging Sheldon Brown for the job. Then get out and gets pwned by Steve McNair on the first drive of the game. Oopsie....Whatchagonnado man? The Birds are going to be depending on James to provide some quality play.
- Speaking of CBs - I don't need to see Lito if he's not ready....Let him rest and give him some plays in game 3 if need be.
- TE Brent Celek. Homeslice whupped some serious ass in his first-ever game in a pro uniform. Can he repeat? I think he'll start with the "1s" meaning a likely opportunity to show he's in sync with Donovan.
- Sav Rocca. While I would rather not see the Eagles punt quite so often, I gotta admit - his leg could be a real weapon this season. Put on a consistent display mate and we'll soon be saying goodbye to Dirk and g'day to Sav!
- Jeremy Bloom - again, show us what you got man. I liked game 1. Let us all know its not a fluke.
- Trot and TKO - ok Spikes, time to get hyped and show the Eagles phaithful our collective faith that the LB corps is going to be improved has merit. Gocong played well in game 1, lets see you and Trot pick it up and knock some dudes on their asses.

What else am I going to looking for? Christ, everything folks....
- How about David Akers finding a comfort zone with his new snapper/holder crew. I'd be real frickin' happy if I got that feeling.
The most important part - NO INJURIES!

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