Monday, August 27, 2007

Staying on an Even Keel

Ok people. Let's try and live up to the idea of Philly having the most passionate AND informed fans. We know our football, but sometimes, whew, emotions take over and (gasp) we tend to over-react to everything (some big, some little).

Case in point: Just because the Steelers won Sunday Night does not somehow negate all possibility of the Eagles fielding a contending team this season. (Oh and for those who got some joy out of watching the Texans diss the Cowboys - that loss doesn't mean jack-shit either - the 'Boys are still going to the Birds biggest challenge in the NFC East this season.) Yet some folks want to scrap the D, hang-up the cleats and declare this season a guaranteed loser.

Um, fellas. The Eagles are going to be fine. Perfect? Unstoppable? Perhaps not. Competitive. Hell Yeah. A legit contender? Hmmm, my heart say FUCK YEAH, but my brain recognizes that they've got blemishes to clear up before they start planning the parade.

But hey, the Steelers were a crap-ass team before their run, and the Colts certainly had plenty of flaws....they got their respective acts together. Why not the Birds?

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