Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's in a Championship?

I'm going to put the "rings clowns" to bed once and for all. What are Rings clowns, you ask? Well they're trolls mostly - that is fans from team that who's primary response to most any argument about football resorts to: My teams has X (where X = the number of Super Bowl ring their team has won) rings, nyah, nyah, nyah - yours doesn't, your team sucks.

And yeah, its as juvenile as it sounds.

It is used most commonly in my experience, by Dallas and Steelers fans, who's teams have won 5 Super Bowl titles (and occasionally by Redskins fans who have three to their credit). But here the primary flaw in the argument - these douchebags deliberately neglect to account for football championships earned prior to the name change. Its as if the game went through some dimensional portal in 1967 (the first year the NFL Championship was called the Super Bowl).

This makes no sense (kinda of like most Dallas trolls on the Philly.com message boards)

The formal list of NFL Champions can be found here:
Let me save you the trouble: The Green Bay Packers have bragging right over everyone with 12; Chicago is next with 9, then the New York Giants 6, then Colts, Steelers, Niners, Cowboys and Redskins are next with 5. For the record, my team, the Eagles are tied with the Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams with 3.

This is no about refuting bragging rights with the NFC East. Hell, if anything it irks me that some useless NY fans have it (better than braindead 4skins though, I guess) - its the repudiation of the idea that somehow only Super Bowls count...You see, I-like-it-up-my-bum Cowgurl fans make this point the most: probably because it lets them lord it over Redskin fans and the rest of the NFC East. But its fallacious logic to argue that a name change should be the basis for the creation of a new era in football. A new era which discards all the previous achievements. Its not.

A more logical breaking point for era within football would be the widespread implementation of the forward pass (going WAY back for ya)....Getting closer to modernity: a better division, say defining the "Current" Era we are all enjoying in football, would be the institution of a change that altered the landscape of football. I prefer Free Agency...(there's a little gray area here. Plan B Free Agency began in 1989, the Plan A wide-roaming Free Agency we know today began in 1993). Other era break-points? We'll that's an argument/discussion for another day.

Ok - so if you what to start calculating, who got this, we got that and all that malarkey. Do it from a more logical point, like that than from an arbitrary, hey-they're-calling-it-the-Super-Bowl-now? moment. Regardless, I find the use of the "rings" line tired and the tool of, well, tools who lack the brain power to muster a real argument.

So what does that all mean for NFC East fans? It doesn't change a thing: The Eagles still need to win a couple before they catch up total-wise, and I'm quit sure this post will do nothing to deter the mush-brained ambulatory lunchboxes who'll insist on spouting off about how many "rings" they got. If you break it at the formal beginning of Plan A FA - then the Cowboys are the only team to have won (twice in 1993 and 1995). If you include the gray-area back to 1989 - then the Cowboys have 3 and the Giants/Redskins 1 each.

But to be honest: the only team with current bragging rights is the Indianapolis Colts. Period. Said done. The next team to claim the honor will have to earn it in Arizona....

Go Eagles Baby!


Tiki Barber said...

The Eagles blow almost as much as your blog.

Zero Superbowls.

Even you can probably count that high.

Micc said...

thanks for making my point douchbag