Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Rest of the Game

Am so glad to be able to say this: NO INJURIES! That is definitely the best part of tonight come-from-ahead 13-11 loss to the Jets tonight. Oh well, he's hoping we get to return the favor in 5-6 weeks when the games actually count.

They've done next to nothing in the second half.
Critical drop by J.J. Outlaw...(who is that you ask? - well its a name you'll be reading when I do the article on who got cut in a few days).
The best part so far: the sideline interview with RT Jon Runyan. Speaks of the comfort-level he'll soon get with the return of Shawn Andrews and L.J. Smith and the importance of not having to worry about the guy next to you making any mistakes.
- Kolb is lighting it UP! 10, 11 passes in-a-row??? A HUGE 4th qtr drive, completely driven by Kolb passes, and a perfect strike to Zac Collie (another name you'll see on the cut list). 2-pt conversion roll-out and good zipped pass to Nate Ilaoa (a roster possibility) for the 11-10 lead with 2:40 remaining.

-Some nice stands/holds by the 2nd-3rd stringers. DT Jeremy Clark seems to making his case for the 5th DT spot (assuming there is one)....with LaJuan Ramsey (Last year's 6th rounder from USC) on the shelf with a high-ankle sprain
- Clark is making the most of his chance.
- So is Marques Murrell (rookie FA DE from Appalachian St). No chance Murrell cracks the rosters, but there is a maybe for Clark.
- Victor Abiamiri showing up in the final Jets possession. He rung up a HUGE sack on 3rd and long and looked to seal the game....FLAG - Personal Foul on the Eagles after the play. 1st and 10 now...FUUUUUUCCCKKKKK.....and guess what, instead of holding, the Jets take the momentum from the 2nd-life chance afforded them by Rashad Barksdale stupidity to drive for the game-winning FG with :03 seconds left. Dumbass. And it might just cost him a job.

Special Teams:
- Jeremy Bloom needs to learn to run straight forward...too much shake, not enough bake. Every return does not need to be busted to the outside dude.
- Rocca has boomed two nice punts - pinning the Jets deep. Considering the pathetic nature of the coverage teams so far - we might NEED Rocca's sky-high kicks to bail out the coverage teams. He had to air it out on the 3rd punt...and he "shanked" a 44 kidding me right? That's the distance most punters actually KICK the ball.
- Michael Gasperson made some good ST tackles. Not sure its enough to earn a spot.

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